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  • Sep 30 2020

    NCCDH Webinar: Tools for organizational learning and capacity

    at 10:00 Topics: Location Type: Online

    Tools for organizational learning and capacity To support learning and capacity building for health equity action, the NCCDH has developed a suite of evidence-informed online learning tools. These tools also respond to a growing need for free, virtual and bilingual training materials on the social determinants of health and health equity. Individual practitioners can use these tools to build…

  • Sep 30 2020

    NCCEH Webinar: COVID-19 Risks and precautions for the performing arts

    at 12:00 PST Topics: COVID-19 Location Type: Online

    The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the performing arts causing major changes in how musicians and performers practice and rehearse, as well as bringing many live performances to a halt. With progressive reopening of various sectors, it is important to have an understanding of the key risks and appropriate precautions for minimizing risk. These can help with safer resumption of…

  • Oct 02 2020

    UBC SPPH OEH: Microplastics: Ubiquitous and persistent

    at 12:30 PDT Topics: Contaminants and Hazards, Microplastics Location Type: Online

    Fragmentation of day-to-day plastics leads to formation of microplastics. With our ever increasing dependency on plastic products, the threat due to microplastics is now greater than ever. This presentation will describe microplastics, their sources, where they can end up, and their possible health implications.  Varun Kelkar  PhD Candidate Environmental Health Engineering Arizona State…

  • Oct 09 2020

    UBC SPPH OEH: Ensuring a supply of respiratory protection: Occupational hygiene and development of solutions.

    at 12:30 PDT Topics: Location Type: Online

    In order to address an urgent PPE shortage, an interdisciplinary team worked to develop solutions to ensure the ongoing protection of workers. This included developing a novel product that can be used to adapt filtering facepiece respirator material to be used as an elastomeric half-mask respirator cartridge. Engagement with occupational hygiene researchers and local health and safety leaders…

  • Oct 22 2020

    NCCEH Webinar: KALAMITea - Kombucha alcohol levels affecting mothers, infants and toddlers

    at 12:00 PDT Topics: Food Location Type: Online

    Kombucha is a fermented tea considered to be a healthy alternative to sugary soda drinks but may contain residual alcohol from the multi-step fermentation process that converts sugar to alcohol. Alcohol (ethanol) levels in kombucha beverages from samples collected through-out BC were assessed for compliance with BC regulations (non-alcoholic beverages should contain <1% ABV). Ethanol was…

  • Oct 23 2020

    UBC SPPH OEH: Urban environmental exposures and deprivation: exploring intersections using CANUE data

    at 12:30 PDT Topics: Location Type: Online

    The Canadian Urban Environmental Health Research Consortium (CANUE) distributes urban environmental exposures to Canadian researchers free of charge. This talk explores the intersections and spatial patterns of nationally standardized walkability, nitrogen dioxide air pollution, greenness and material deprivation data within Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. These analyses allow identification of…