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Hello everyone, my name is Bruce and I work in Healthy Communities in the municipal government of the City of St. John's. I have been in this position since it was created almost a year ago now and my primary role in this position is to bring a public health perspective to improve population health by consulting with various departments and divisions within the City of St. John's to put greather emphasis on health during decision-making. I am taking a health-in-all-policies approach to our work and advocating for the development of a Healthy City Strategy to help city officials and decision-makers understand the role (and impact) that the built environment (among other things) has on residents. Our work is very much in its infancy, but things are moving slowly.

I am happy to see some familiar names that I have had short phone or email conversations with, so I am looking forward to connecting more through this forum!  I come into this position with a background in Kinesiology and Masters in Public Health and have worked with Pablo on the Healthy Built Environment Adviosry Group here in Newfoundland and Labrador. I apologize for my absence at the first two orientation meetings, but look forward to catching up, learning from each of you, and sharing some of the work we are working on here on the Northeast Avalon of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Your role sounds very interesting! Great to see a municipal government incorporating a role like yours.  In St. John's is public health part of the municipal system or the healthcare system?

Public Health in St. John's is technically part of the healthcare system. My position is unique in that it was created last year to bring a health lense to the City of St. John's. Right now I work in the Department of Community Services, Division of Recreation and a portion of my role is health promotion for programming, while the other portion is working on a healthy community/healthy city framework and engaging partners, sectors, other organizations in hopes of creating a cross-sector healthy community group.

This is great to see the cross-linkages between separate systems. If you are doing any work on gathering indicators for monitoring and surveillance of health-municipal items (transportation related, food systems, housing, etc) I would love to hear your findings and experiences