Jan 30 - Supporting Health Equity through Healthy Built Environments

Jan 30 - Supporting Health Equity through Healthy Built Environments

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Jan 30 - Supporting Health Equity through Healthy Built Environments

The second webinar of the series was hosted and led by NCCEH, NCCDH, and BCCDC, in partnership with Karen Rideout Consulting. There were over 145 participants online during the webinar, who contributed to a lively and engaging conversation with the speakers. We encourage you to continue the discussions below!

Title: Supporting Health Equity through Healthy Built Environments

This webinar will focus on how health equity can be supported through the built environment and how community planning and design can incorporate factors to address health inequities. Several resources will be highlighted, including the BCCDC FACT SHEET: Supporting Health Equity Through the Built Environment, which offers evidence-informed principals to support health equity through interventions in the built environment. It is designed to be a companion to the Healthy Built Environment Linkages Toolkit (see November forum presentation) and provides concrete actions that local governments can take to build healthier, more equitable communities. Health equity and the built environment: a curated reading list and several blogsfrom NCCDH will contribute additional resources and practice scenarios. The presentation and online discussion will also include examples to illustrate how health equity has been supported by public health efforts to create healthier built environments, as well as links to other pertinent documents and resources. 

Discussion Questions

  1. What populations or groups in your area might be vulnerable to changes in the built environment?
  2. What health equity issues have come up during your work at the intersection of public health and community planning?
  3. What sectors have you worked with on built environment issues? Who else might you like to connect with to support health equity through this work?

Webinar Recording


Presentation Slides

I want to point to a resource that Cora Janzen posted in the Resource Library section, the Saskatoon health equity in healthy built environment framework http://www.ncceh.ca/forum/general-forums/resource-library-coming-soon/health-equity-healthy-built-environment-framework#new

Sabrina Sandhu from Vancouver Coastal Health in BC also sent this resource developed by Fraser Health, "Community Planning Tool - Applying a Health Equity Lens to Program Planning"

Thanks to Sabrina and Cora for sharing those great resources. 

I'd like to follow with a request for more. I am working on a project for the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) to create an inventory of health equity examples from across Canada. We are interested in activities, programs, policies, tools, or training resources that environmental public health (EPH) agencies are using to incorporate health equity considerations into health protection or environmental health programs. I'd love to know if anyone on this forum has specific examples where/how health equity is integrated into the HBE work of Health Protection/Environmental Health departments (especially where it involves PHIs or EHOs). 

Once identified, examples will be catalogued and analyzed for their potential to be scaled up, adopted elsewhere, or adapted for use in other jurisdictions.

Please post resources to this forum and/or contact me at 604.306.3571 or karen@karenrideoutconsulting.ca if you have an example to share.

Thank you!