Public Health Association of BC (PHABC) - 4th Fuse International Conference: On Knowledge Exchange in Public Health

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Research evidence for healthy public policy: Learning across jurisdictions and sectors

Around the world, communities, regions and countries strive to have plans in place to guide their efforts to promote and protect the health of their citizens and prevent illness. Good public policy is integral to the success of those plans, but developing policies in public health is not an easy task. What are the best ways to define how to structure the delivery, funding, and prioritizing of population and public health There are many factors to consider: competing priorities, constrained resources, inter-sectoral barriers, ideology, changing structures, public opinion, and increasingly complex problems for which solutions are not obvious. Research evidence is an ideal foundation for good policy, but more effort is needed to integrate all forms of evidence, including conflicting evidence, to support policy-making.

Fuse 2018 will focus on how best to produce, integrate and communicate research evidence to develop and evaluate policies in public health. Together, we will explore the use of research evidence in public health policy-making from around the world to discover what’s working, what’s not, and the trends, issues, and policy-related challenges across jurisdictions and sectors. There will be a focus on both the practice and the science behind using evidence to inform public health policies.

Presentations from various jurisdictions will focus on:

  • Economic evidence
  • Practice-based evidence
  • Communicating evidence
  • Diversity in public health policy
  • Partnerships between researchers and policy makers

Fuse 2018 is open to researchers, policy makers, public health practitioners and other research users with an interest in public and population health. Participants will learn from keynote presentations, debate panels, abstract presentations and from each other about public and community engagement, data, public and patient involvement, inter-sectoral partnerships, the complexity and impact of jurisdictional issues, and perspectives on the most effctive ways of incorporating evidence into the process of policy-making.

Event Date May 08, 2018 20:30
Posted by NCCEH Mar 13, 2018
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