Exposures in Nail Salons: Implications for Public and Occupational Health

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In light of the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation in Canada, the NCCEH Environmental Health Webinar on March 26th, "Exposures in Nail Salons: Implications for Public and Occupational Health", has been postponed. We will reschedule this webinar for a later date. Thank you for your understanding.

The NCCEH Environmental Health Seminar Series provides an opportunity for learning and knowledge exchange on a variety of environmental health topics. The seminars can be attended in-person or online.

Presenter: Victoria Arrandale, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto; Associate Director, Occupational Cancer Research Centre

Nail salons have become common in many parts of the world. In Toronto, nail salons are largely small businesses employing nail technicians who are predominantly female and new immigrants. The hazards in this environment are numerous, including chemical, musculoskeletal, biological and psychosocial hazards. Nail salons are unique workplaces because they are also public spaces. In many regions, local public health authorities inspect salons with a focus on infection prevention and control. Though challenging, improving the work environment in nail salons is important for both occupational and public health. A recent study in Toronto, Canada explored exposure to volatile organic compounds, job strain and musculoskeletal risk factors in 21 salons. Results from this study will be discussed with a joint focus on the implications for environmental and occupational health.

Event Date Mar 26, 2020 19:00
Posted by NCCEH Mar 12, 2020
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