A new web portal that provides high-resolution climate data to help decision makers build a more resilient Canada

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Climate change poses many risks to the health and well-being of Canadians and their communities. In order for cities, organizations and businesses to increase their resilience and develop adaptation strategies, we need to understand how the climate is changing. This requires access to reliable, timely and relevant climate data and information. This webinar will provide an overview and demonstration of, a user-friendly online climate data source to address this gap. 
With the support from Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Canadian Centre for Climate Services, is the result of a collaboration between the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium, Ouranos and the Prairie Climate Centre to jointly deliver climate data and information, with HabitatSeven and the Centre de recherche informatique de Montréal developing and operating the portal.
This webinar will discuss the portal in detail.
Event Date Jul 22, 2019 21:00
Posted by NCCEH Jul 18, 2019
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