BC Healthy Living Alliance - Hashing it Out: Can We Learn About Cannabis From What We Know About Alcohol?

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In recent years, there has been a dramatic shift in policy approaches to substance use in Canada and BC.

The introduction of Happy Hours and expansion of booze sales to new places such as farmers markets, grocery stores and hair salons are a few examples of the loosening of alcohol regulations that happened when elements of the 2013 Liquor Policy Review promoting consumer convenience and industry flexibility were widely adopted.

But the burning question on so many people’s minds right now, is what will happen when marijuana is finally legalized.  Are there healthier public policy approaches we can take that will reduce harms as marijuana goes mainstream?  Can we learn anything about access, pricing and regulation from alcohol?

Event Date Oct 25, 2017 16:00
Posted by NCCEH Oct 10, 2017
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