Clandestine Amphetamine-Derived Drug Laboratories: Remediation Guidelines for Residential Settings - revised

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Clandestine labs produce illegal substances using a variety of chemicals and manufacturing processes. Clandestine labs can be housed in a variety of structures, including residential and non-residential uildings. In particular, residential buildings previously used for clandestine labs can pose health concerns to re-occupants. Amphetamine-derived drug labs are the most common type of clandestine lab found in most provinces. Here we present guidelines on the remediation of clandestine amphetamine-derived drug labs for the purposes of protecting the health of re-occupants. These guidelines do not address other health hazards that may be encountered during cleanup. These guidelines are derived from instructions for methamphetamine (meth) lab cleanup in the United States, New Zealand, and Australia. This document is intended for use by public health officials, municipal agencies, law enforcement agencies, and property owners to address decontamination of former drug labs.

Publication Date Dec 14, 2012
Author Barn P, Wiens M, Dods P
Posted by NCCEH Feb 14, 2013