Radon resources in Canada: education, testing and remediation

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Radon resources in Canada: education, testing and remediation

National resources:

Health Canada
Health Canada has a range of radon resources including information and guides for testing your home, the results of the cross-Canada surveys of homes and federal buildings, and information on the hazards of smoking and radon exposure.

Canadian-National Radon Proficiency Program
This program is designed to establish guidelines for training professionals in radon services, and also allows consumers to find radon measurement and mitigation professionals by province and region.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
The CMHC provides free technical series regarding radon remediation.

Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists
This is a resource developed towards the goal of helping Canadians reduce radon risk. Contains a Canada-wide, searchable database of companies that provide test kits, measurement services, and mitigation services.

Canadian Cancer Society
The CCS offers an overview of radon exposure and its connection to lung cancer.

Canadian Lung Association
The CLA provides information on home exposure, health effects, and testing. Most provincial associations also offer a similar resource as well as access to test kits:

Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
The CPAC maintains a blog on Radon gas and includes links to programs, NGO resources and centres across the country who are working on radon related projects.

The Canadian Partnership for Kids and the Environment
This organization works on preventing childhood exposure to radon, particularly in childcare settings. Their website provides a range of resources that are aimed at families and childcare providers.

CAREX Canada
CAREX provides a detailed radon profile and environmental risk estimate. Using the results of a cross-Canada survey, they have also produced a series of maps illustrating radon measurements by health region.

It's Your Health
This is a joint publication produced by Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada. This issue provides information on a wide range of health and safety issues with a focus on radon.

With funding support from Health Canada, the school of medicine at McMaster University has developed an online module aimed at physicians and other health professionals to become familiar with radon-induced health risks and the need for home testing.

Radon Safety Institute of Canada
This factsheet provides general information on radon-related health risks and what to do about high radon levels in homes.

Take Action on Radon Campaign
The National Radon Action Campaign is led by the New Brunswick Lung Association, Ontario Lung Association, and Summerhill Impact with support from Health Canada. The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness about radon and encourage Canadians to take action by testing for radon in order to reduce exposure.

Provincial resources:


British Columbia

  • The BC Centre for Disease Control offers a brief summary of radon as well as a pair of maps for homes in BC.
  • HealthLinkBC, supported in part by the Provincial Health Services Authority, provides a Frequently Asked Questions page for radon in homes.
  • Interior Health Region offers a poster competition program for school aged children to learn more about radon.
  • Northern Health Region has created an overview of radon health concerns and testing, as well as information regarding radon mitigation and building radon-resistant homes.
  • RadonAware is a comprehensive website operated by the BC Lung Association with funding from the Ministry of Health. It contains information for BC residents, building professionals, policy makers, and researchers. Several resources are available, including:


New Brunswick

Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island



  • A Frequently Asked Questions section about radon is made available by the Ministry of Health.


International resources:

World Health Organization
The WHO produced a comprehensive handbook on indoor radon that discusses health effects, testing methods, prevention and mitigation, cost-benefit analysis of radon control, risk communication, and guidance on developing national radon programs.

Occupational exposure to radon:

Health Canada has posted information on the regulations for radon at work in Canada.

Some studies have been done specifically looking at radon in worksites: