NCCEH Environmental Health Seminar Series

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NCCEH Environmental Health Seminar Series

The BCCDC/NCCEH Environmental Health Seminar Series was created with the intention of building the capacity of environmental health professionals through presentations on current and emerging topics. A short Q&A session follows each presentation. All seminars are FREE.

The sessions are conducted in English from 12 to 1 pm (PST), and are recorded for later viewing. Participants are eligible to receive CIPHI Continuing Education Credits. Webinar instructions will be provided at the time of registration. If you have any suggestions for seminar topics, please contact us.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in these presentation are those of the presenters, and do not necessarily reflect those of the NCCEH or the Public Health Agency of Canada.


Upcoming Seminars


Webinar: COVID-19 Risks and precautions for the performing arts

COVID-19 Risks and precautions for the performing arts

September 30th @ 12-1PM PDT
Speaker: Juliette O'Keeffe
Cost: FREE

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the performing arts causing major changes in how musicians and performers practice and rehearse, as well as bringing many live performances to a halt. With progressive reopening of various sectors, it is important to have an understanding of the key risks and appropriate precautions for minimizing risk. These can help with safer resumption of performing arts activities for those that work or volunteer in the sector, and for audiences attending performances.

This presentation will review current understanding of the key risks associated with the performing arts sector, and the precautions for minimizing risks of COVID-19 transmission in various settings. This presentation will be of interest to environmental and public health professionals developing guidance and recommendations for safe resumption of performing arts activities as well as those working in the sector.



KALAMITea - Kombucha alcohol levels affecting mothers, infants and toddlers

KALAMITea - Kombucha alcohol levels affecting mothers, infants and toddlers

October 22nd @ 12-1PM PDT
Speaker: Lorraine McIntyre
Cost: FREE

Kombucha is a fermented tea considered to be a healthy alternative to sugary soda drinks but may contain residual alcohol from the multi-step fermentation process that converts sugar to alcohol. Alcohol (ethanol) levels in kombucha beverages from samples collected through-out BC were assessed for compliance with BC regulations (non-alcoholic beverages should contain <1% ABV). Ethanol was detected by head-space gas chromatography mass spectroscopy at the Natural Health Products laboratory at BCIT. In total, 684 samples from 53 producers were collected at 142 premises from retail, restaurant, processor, farmers’ markets and other locations. Overall, 31.5% of samples had ethanol levels that exceeded the regulations (the highest level was found in restaurant kombucha at 3.62% ABV). The final report contains recommendations for alcohol control during manufacture, refrigeration requirements and consumer label warnings.



System requirements

Citrix GoToMeeting web conferencing system is used to broadcast the webinars. Audio is delivered via a teleconferencing system. During Q&A, you will be able to ask questions via the text-chat box.

Please test your computer’s system compatibility before the webinar to make sure all the requirements are met and you have enough time to update your system if needed. Google Chrome is the recommended browser.

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