BCIT Environmental Health Student Presentations 2017

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The BCCDC/NCCEH Environmental Health Seminar Series provides an opportunity for learning and knowledge exchange on a variety of environmental health topics. The seminars can be attended in-person or online.

Title 1: Assessing the risk of lead exposure to children from drinking water in Metro Vancouver child care facilities
Speaker: Thomas Quach, BCIT Environmental Health Student
Abstract: With the recent elevated lead levels detected in the drinking water of BC schools, greater attention and concern has come to the issue of lead exposure to young children. Water samples were collected from Metro Vancouver-area licensed child care facilities and analysed to assess the risk of exposure to children as well as the efficacy of flushing as a control measure.
Title 2: Evaluation of the daycare managers’ knowledge, attitude, and practice on lead in drinking water at daycares licensed by Fraser Health Authority 
​Speaker: Jill Lin, BCIT Environmental Health Student
Abstract: Young children who have been exposed to lead in drinking water at schools and daycares can incur serious health effects, including damage to their cognitive development. Caretakers’ knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) on drinking water can influence how the children consume drinking water and potentially cause adverse health effects. The purpose of this study is to determine the overall KAP level of daycare mangers in Fraser Health region regarding lead in drinking water based on their age, experience and types of daycares in which they work.
Title 3: Potential risks and user preferences of helmet-sharing program provided by Vancouver’s Mobi bike-share program
​Speaker: Ali Moore, BCIT Environmental Health Student
Abstract: A literature review and subsequent survey were done to determine if any real or perceived risks associated with helmet sharing affected Mobi bike-share users’ decision to wear the helmet provided with each bike. It was determined that although the practice is fairly low-risk, concern for cleanliness of the helmets did affect helmet use for the Vancouver, BC bike-share program. However, the survey also revealed other factors that hindered use of helmets including personal opinions on helmet use and urban cycling in general.


Event Date Jun 29, 2017
Location Type online
Posted by NCCEH Jul 03, 2017