BCIT Environmental Health Student Presentations 2016

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The BCCDC/NCCEH Environmental Health Seminar Series provides an opportunity for learning and knowledge exchange on a variety of environmental health topics. The seminars can be attended in-person or online.

Title 1: Effect of pH and temperature on food safety of kombucha tea
Speaker: Ryan Hammel, BCIT Environmental Health Student
Abstract: Kombucha tea is prepared through fermentation at room temperature during which acidic by-products are produced, lowering the overall pH of the tea. Though the pH eventually reaches levels below 4.6, potential food safety issues have been identified. The relationship of pH and time during fermentation at both room and refrigeration temperatures was investigated to better assess these food safety issues.
Title 2: EHO’s knowledge of sensory deprivation tanks 
​Speaker: Alyssa Zambon, BCIT Environmental Health Student
Abstract: This research project focuses on EHO's knowledge of sensory deprivation tanks. Age, geographic location where EHOs worked, and the number of years they have been in the field, were compared to knowledge scores they achieved by completing a simple online questionnaire.


Event Date Jun 30, 2016
Location Type online
Posted by NCCEH Jun 30, 2016