Hi from Jade in BC

Hi from Jade in BC

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Hi from Jade in BC

Hi Everyone,

My name is Jade Yehia and I am Island Health's Regional Built Environment Consultant. My background is in Environmental Health, Human Geography, and most recently, I completed my Masters thesis in Health Impact Assessment. For the past eleven years I have been working in the Health Protection and Environmental Service departments with the BC Regional Health Authorities (once upon a time with Interior Health and now with Island Health). My work focuses on bring the health lens to land use planning. I have led and started up our HBE program and been involved in a number of topics on, for example, Housing, Transportation, Airshed Planning, Climate Change Adaptation, Natural Environment Protection... both internally across Island Health portfolios and externally with local government and community partners. I am passionate about creating healthier communities for all (and love to sing, dance and play, especially in a park or at the farmers market with my two year old).

I look forward to info sharing with you all on this great forum and it's nice to e-meet you!!


Very cool that your master's was around Health Impact Assessments! Lots of relevancy to your work as well as this group!