Tina Chen, NCCEH Moderator

Tina Chen, NCCEH Moderator

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Tina Chen, NCCEH Moderator

Hello everyone! My name is Tina Chen, and I am an Environmental Health & Knowledge Translation Scientist at the National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health (NCCEH). If you have never heard of the NCCEH, I encourage you to visit the About Us page to learn more about us. Feel free to browse the NCCEH website if you are interested in our products and services. 

At the NCCEH, my role is to synthesize scientific evidence and best practices to create knowledge products to support environmental health policy and practice, and to help bring practitioners and policy-makers across the country together for networking and collaboration. My main portfolios at the NCCEH are ever-evolving as the field of environmental health is broad and complex. I am passionate about the field of healthy built environments, and strive to better understand how built environment features can influence and improve population health outcomes and advocate for evidence-informed health considerations in built environment policies and decisions. 

I'm looking forward to meeting and working with each and every one of you as we learn from each other and create synergies and collaborations toward healthier built environments!

hi everyone - i'm Charito Gailling and i'm a project manager with the BC Centre for Disease Control, Provincial Health Services Authority.  I help to lead provincial collaborations in support of healthier built environments, and work with cross-sectoral stakeholders from community planning, health services, non-profit organizations and health researchers through the BC Healthy Built Environment Alliance. 

Tina Chen and I will be your forum moderators, so you will be hearing a lot from us :).  Here's a BCCDC profile article on me and my role for more info:  http://www.bccdc.ca/about/news-stories/stories/charito-gailling

Looking forward to sharing resources, ideas and discussions with others doing similar work across the country!


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Happy to be here and to meet everyone! My name is Cora Janzen and I work in the Health Promotion Department in Population and Public Health for the Saskatchewan Health Authority. My geographic area of focus is Saskatoon and surrounding area. We have recently amalgamated 13 regional health authorities into one Provincial Health Authority so I am still figuring out how to describe where I work :) In my department, we focus on Population Health Promotion and reducing health inequities observed in our populations and focus on the levers of healthy public policy, creating supportive environments and supporting community action. My work involves the Healthy Built Environment area and I am the lead for our Healthy Transportation Networks and Healthy Neighbourhood Design pillars of our framework (the framework also includes housing and food systems) and our goal is helping create healthy, equitable built environments that contribute to improved population health. <INSERT PLUG: We modeled our framework after BC's Healthy Built Environment Linkages Toolkit which is a fantastic resource!> I work closely with the municipality as well as community groups to advocate, provide public health context, align data sources, knowledge, tools and more. We have also done a health equity impact assessment of the City of Saskatoon's Growth Plan as well as various other evidence reviews for policy recommendations for the municipality.

I am so happy to be here and learn from you all, your learnings and expertise. I am excited to find out about the rich work happening across the country and how I can translate that here for our context. 

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Don't worry, we are all learning as we go. We will cover when to start a new thread and when to post a reply in the instructions post. Thanks!

Aaniin/ Hello Everyone! 

I hope this is where I should be posting; bear with me while I learn this platform. 

My name is Pepper Pritty. I am a Registered Nurse/ Public Health Practice Consultant and the Healthy Built and Social Environment (HBSE) Lead with the Province of Manitoba, situated out of the Population and Public Health Branch in Manitoba Health. I work out of Winnipeg, MB which is in Treaty One Territory; the original lands of the Anishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, Dene and the homeland of the Metis Nation. Like others who have also posted, our HBSE Network also used the Linkages Toolkit as the guiding framework to support our work here in Manitoba. My Masters degree and thesis is in Natural Resources Managment where I also used the Healthy Built Environment Framework in my study to link Public Health and  Natural Resources in a study conducted in a northern First Nation community. With permission from our friends in BC,  I was able to adapt the framework for it to be applicable for Indigenous communities. The outcome was the development of the Indigenous Healthy Built and Social Environment Framework that can be applied to First Nations in Canada and also for Indigenous communities globally. I am currently doing a PhD in the Faculty of Environment and planning to also use a similar framework. My study area is land-based healing and how this approach can be applied to built safer, healthier communities. 

Our Provincial network, over the past several months, have been discussing the recruitment of more members and noted that we use a lot of public health language and approaches; although we recognize that much of the work that needs to be done to advance HBEs  lives outside of Public Health. In keeping with these discussions, we are in the process  of  re-working some of the language we use in our documents to create more inclusivity that is more reflective of an interdisciplinary group. We hope that this will attract more stakeholders from planning, sustainable development, scientists and advocates of environmental groups, those from the non-profit sector and industry, academics, economics specialists etc. 

I know that I often get overwhelmed with so much work that needs to be done and sometimes not knowing where to start or what tools to use. I am looking foward to learning from all of you and sharing with you... our experiences. 

Pepper Pritty RN BN MNRM 


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