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Practices and Procedures

Preventing harm through emergency preparedness, surveillance, health impact assessments and risk management and communication.

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Communicating the Risk of Infectious Diseases in a Changing Climate

One of the threats to public health that a changing climate brings is the risk of emerging and resurgence of infectious disease outbreaks. To ensure that the public, health professionals and policy makers receive timely information, effective risk communication must be used. NCCED and NCCID jointly presented a webinar last year that provided different perspectives on communicating risk in an “...

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CIPHI Seminar Series - Navigating Uncharted Territory: The experience of Public Health Inspectors in Clinical IPAC Audits

Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) work is being conducted by Certified Public Health Inspectors (CPHIs) in Ontario Public Health Units.  This is due in large part to the current IPAC Practices Complaint Protocol requiring PHUs to investigate all IPAC related complaints in the community. While CPHIs have the unique and valuable skills in IPAC and risk assessment necessary to lead IPAC...

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