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Supporting safe and healthy food systems through food safety, hygiene, and healthy eating resources.


Food Safety Regulations, RRS c P-37.1 Reg 12

Milk Pasteurization Regulations, RRS c P-37.1 Reg 5

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Domestic Game Farm Animal Regulations, RRS c A-20.2 Reg 10

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Saskatchewan Egg Regulations, 2010, RRS c A-20.2 Reg 13

The Apiaries Act, 2005, SS 2005, c A-22.01

The Apiaries Regulations, 2005, RRS c A-22.01 Reg 1

The Diseases of Animals Act, RSS 1978, c D-30

Diseases of Domestic Game Farm Animals Regulations, RRS c D-30 Reg 1

The Donation of Food Act, 1995, SS 1995, c D-32.01

The Fisheries Act (Saskatchewan), 1994, SS 1994, c F-16.1

The Fisheries Regulations, RRS c F-16.1 Reg 1

Milk Control Act, 1992, SS 1992, c M-15.1

Milk Control Regulations, RRS c M-15 Reg 1

Pest Control Act, RSS 1978, c P-7

The Bacterial Ring Rot Control Regulations, RRS c P-7 Reg 4

The Vegetable, Fruit and Honey Sales Act, RSS 1978, c V-2 [repealed or spent]

The General Regulations Under the Vegetable, Fruit and Honey Sales Act, Sask Reg 137/70

The Honey Regulations (Saskatchewan), Sask Reg 198/77

Regulations For the Grading and Inspection of Honey, Sask Reg 62/70