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The team at NCCEH regularly presents at environmental health events across Canada in addition to organizing workshops and meetings on various developing topics. A select listing of our presentations made at conferences and other meetings is available here.

Please contact us to find out if we can contribute to an upcoming event.

Putting Health in Environmental Assessment

Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors National Conference 2015

This panel was designed to provide public health inspectors with a basic understanding of the inclusion of health in environmental assessments and to share experiences of working on environmental assessment across Canada.  After a brief overview of environmental assessment, three panel members from the local (Toronto Public Health), provincial (BC Centre for Disease Control) and national (Health Canada) levels spoke.  The presentation slides from this panel can be found below. 

Health Canada's Participation in Environmental Assessments under CEAA 2012

PDF icon CIPHI_National_2015_Putting_Health_in_EA-Peterson-Kosatsky-Ma.pdf, PDF icon CIPHI_National_2015_Health_EA_Local_Level-Macfarlane.pdf, PDF icon Readiness_BC_Health_Authorities_EA-Dix-Cooper-Kosasky.pdf

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