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The team at NCCEH regularly presents at environmental health events across Canada in addition to organizing workshops and meetings on various developing topics. A select listing of our presentations made at conferences and other meetings is available here.

Please contact us to find out if we can contribute to an upcoming event.

Communicating the Risk of Infectious Diseases in a Changing Climate

A changing climate brings the threat of emerging, new infectious diseases and the resurgence of old infectious outbreaks. To ensure that public health professionals and policy makers receive timely information, effective risk communication must be used.

NCCEH and NCCID jointly presented a webinar last year that provided different perspectives on communicating risk in an “environment of change". The objectives of the webinar were to:

present a range of perspectives on good risk communication for public health stakeholders and to discuss how public health can contribute to effective messaging by providing some examples of emerging and resurging infectious diseases in the context of a changing climate.


SoundCloud recording of presentation

PDF icon NCCEH-NCCID Webinar Ticks_Risk_Communication Nicol.pdf, PDF icon Webinar_2017 Lessons learned from previous outbreaks West Nile virus-Elmieh (1).pdf, PDF icon Webinar_2017 Communicating Climate Change-Stephen (1).pdf

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