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Evidence Reviews

We produce evidence reviews based on our assessments of needs and gaps in evidence-based environmental health practice and policy. We also work with researchers and environmental public health students for reviews. These documents are peer-reviewed and the content is the responsibility of the authors.

Public Health Planning for Wildfire Smoke

Topics: Forest Fires, Outdoor Air Location: General, Canada

Population level wildfire smoke exposure is complex. It is difficult to measure and prevent. Reducing the adverse physical and mental health effects related to smoke exposure requires insight into social, economic, political and health-related factors within communities. In an attempt to understand some of the challenges of planning for wildfire smoke events, this report outlines the findings...

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Public Health Responses to Wildfire Smoke Events

Topics: Forest Fires Location: General, Canada

The public health response to wildfire smoke events is complex, involving inter-sectoral collaboration, community engagement and the use of many sources of information in decision-making. The focus of this project is to understand the perceptions, challenges and needs of public health practitioners in Canada when responding to wildfire smoke events. The project was undertaken as part of the...

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