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Indigenous peoples' access to health services: Overcoming barriers to support wise practices

The focus of this webinar is to explore Indigenous peoples' access to health services including experiences of colonization, "otherness" and racism as both patients and providers. Of equal importance, the webinar will focus on strategies and innovations that remove barriers to access to health services and that integrate Indigenous experiences, knowledge and resilience into the provision of...

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Crystal Meth: Developing respectful approaches and solutions for Indigenous health

There is limited data available on methamphetamine use, particularly among the Indigenous population in Canada. Much of the information and research on this substance is dated, as it was developed primarily in the early 2000's during the first surge of the methamphetamine crisis. This webinar is intended to provide public health professionals and organizations with basic information about the...

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A cross-Canada scan of clean energy policies

Remote Indigenous communities in Canada overwhelmingly rely on diesel fuel for heating and electricity generation. Clean energy projects in these communities are more likely to succeed with strong and coordinated support from governments, utilities, regulators, and industry. The Pembina Institute presents a webinar on the current policy context for remote community-led clean energy projects in...

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Eco-Cultural Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation

In this webinar, – presenters from the Tsleil-Waututh Nation’s Treaty, Lands and Resources Department will describe two ways in which the community has approached climate change adaptation through an eco-cultural lens.

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Indigenous Food Safety and Security: Community Adaptations in the Wake of Climate Pressures

Indigenous people have long relied on traditional foods, as they are nutritionally, culturally, and economically important to individuals and communities, and are an important aspect of food sovereignty. As the climate changes and as other environmental stressors begin to amplify, many Indigenous people and communities are pursuing ways to both strengthen their connections with local land and...

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The Indigenous Healthy Built and Social Environment: A Framework to Address Health Disparities of Indigenous Peoples

For over a century, through the advancement and investment into the colonial built environment, Canada has progressed and achieved status as one of the greatest developed countries in the world. Meanwhile, the development of Indigenous communities have been neglected with health and living conditions comparable to developing countries. Communities built according to influence of settlers, lack...

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Best Practices for Collaborative Climate Adaptation Research Between Tribal and Non-tribal partners

This webinar will provide an introduction to key considerations and best practices associated with conducting climate adaptation research in partnership with tribal communities. Topics will include tribal sovereignty and government-to-government relations, the importance of community involvement and capacity-building, and the use and protection of indigenous knowledges.

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Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) - Closing Gaps in the Health Data of Indigenous People

The Revised Ontario Public Health Standards 2018 identify Indigenous people as a priority population for Public Health. Information about the health status of Indigenous people living in urban areas of Ontario is often incomplete or not available. Getting a true count of urban Indigenous populations, and knowing about their health and social inequities are essential for effective planning and...

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Ecohealth Knowledge to Action Research Group (EKTA) - Indigenous Health and Research

In this Webalogue Dr. Travis Holyk will explore the topic of hot button issues in his communities and the community view of research. This will be followed up by Dr. Henry Harder a registered psychologist who has been in the field of mental health, rehabilitation and disability management for over 30 years. Dr. harder will be addressing the topics of research  and mental wellness as it pertains...

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