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Information re transportation-related injury data systems talking to each other

I am looking to chat with folks re getting different data systems for transportation-related injury/Vision Zero to better mesh with each other. For example, here in Saskatoon:

  • the gap for our health data (emergency room and hospitalizations) for transportation-related injury is it doesn’t have geo-location information
  • SGI/police collision data has the geo-location, as well as environment/driver description but is lacking in the health ‘outcomes’ piece (except they can identify if the person went to hospital (but not if they were hospitalized, what body part(s) injured, length of stay, etc))

We are looking for learnings of what others have done to address the issue and to best utilize both data sources to build the most comprehensive picture of transportation-related injury. This can help build the case for various initiatives/support for Vision Zero as well as for monitoring/evaluation of impact over time.


hi Cora - i'm going to connect you to my colleague Megan Oakey who is the provincial manager for Falls and Injury Prevention.  She has been working on this same issue and i'm sure will be able to provide some guidance.  Will follow-up over email.