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Health Impact Assessments and Environmental Assessments

Increasingly, consideration of  health impacts is being included in assessments of policies, regulations, projects and other forms of intervention.  These considerations take various forms ranging from formal Health Impact Assessments (HIA) to smaller scale desktop studies. Because, many of the interventions assessed are from fields outside of public health (e.g.,housing, transportation, education, resource development and other planning and infrastructure), collaboration among professionals from public health and other sectors is common.

NCCEH is conducting a set of interviews with key informants to gain information on the ways in which health issues are incorporated within decision-making processes, on the stakeholders involved and on challenges faced (e.g.: training needs, consistent guidelines, etc.). We are currently compiling a list of experts who may be interested in participating in an interview during February or March 2019.  The types of expertise and experience preferred include:

  • Expertise in HIA or other health assessment method
  • Experience in integrating health in environmental assessment
  • Experience in assessments of planning (e.g.: urban, landscape, transportation, etc.) or resource development projects
  • Experience with assessments of other decision-making contexts (e.g., policy, regulation, etc.)

If you would be interested in participating or can recommend someone with the any above qualifications, please respond to Shirra Freeman at with following information:

First and Last name:
Field of Expertise:

Thank you for your contribution.