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Let's talk about common community challenges and solutions here

Here is where a community might talk about something that they have overcome successfully. Does anyone have anything to share?

For example, a community walkability or health promotion champion might say that they have challenges in planning an implementation of programs due to limitations in capacity in terms of staff/volunteer time - does anyone have any suggestions?

Hi folks, As mentioned yesterday, I am working on recommendations for the City of St. John's on Drive-Through regulations - where we will allow them, where we will not allow them. I've been looking at the latest reserach from Candace Nykiforuk from University of Alberta on "Adoption and diffusion of zoning bylaws banning fast food drive-through services across Canadian municipalities". 

Has anyone worked with municipalities on restricting Drive-throughs in other jurisdictions? I'm hoping to find some prescriptive parameters that uses evidence and best-practice urban planning guidelines for the recommendation. 

We haven'[t ventured formally down this road (or through this drive-thru :) <insert groan>) here in Saskatoon. We have had some conversations with the city regarding this for the implementation for the Growth Plan - in some areas/corridors it may become a mute point because of the density-increasing and built form changes/zoning changes along those key corridors (drive thrus not conducive to this). In other locations outside of these corridors (i.e city-wide), there wasn't a lot of interest on the municipal end at this time.