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Forum Rules & Guidelines

Below are some rules and guidelines to help ensure that members feel respected and welcome. NCCEH and BCCDC moderators, Tina Chen and Charito Gailling, will help guide members and discussions. 

  1. Please be respectful of other members and opinions. Online communication is more challenging than face-to-face conversations. Please remember that people are sensitive to criticism or perceived criticism so please be aware of how your words may come across.
  2. Include a clear and succinct topic description for each discussion thread, and keep each discussion thread on topic.
  3. Posts should be credible and based on evidence and scientific research. 
  4. Refrain from cross-posting in multiple forums.
  5. No advertising or solicitation of services.
  6. Read all previous comments before replying in a discussion thread to avoid duplication.
  7. Moderators reserve the right to close discussion threads, move discussion threads to a more appropriate forum, cross-link discussion threads when applicable, and delete inappropriate posts. 
  8. Repeated violation of rules and guidelines may lead to termination of forum membership. 

Please reply below if you have any questions about these guidelines and rules!