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Tracy Sanden

Hi everyone. I work in health promotion for the Saskatchewan Health Authority for the Regina area. My role is typically in the built environment area. We have had the opportunity here through a large national grant to hire a land planner to do some training (which was mostly us learning the language) and set the foundation. Through changes over the last few years (maternity leaves, lay-offs, change in senior and front line management) it seems to have been a full time job just trying to keep momentum internally and just as much changover seems to be happening in our partners resulting in continually trying to learn who to develop relationships with. We currently just seem to have time to responde ad hoc to requests for information. We often have the opportunity to review developments that go through the city and provide a health lens from the perspective of health promotion, environmental health and emergency medical services, provide information via consultations to non-profit groups, individuals and other city organizations to to help provide support for improving our physical and social environments both within Regina and our rural areas. Most of my time lately has been in our rural communities supporting needs assessments, age friendly community processes, outdoor smoking bylaws, improving access to local foods and access to natures and green spaces. We have just started to review some rural developments outside of Regina city boundaries. So many opportunities. Very much looking forward to learning from everyone in this group.