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November 19 - Healthy Places: How Does Public Policy Make Them Happen?

Celia Lee, who is the Active Neighbourhoods Canada Program Lead, to talk about their work and provide some examples of great policies that led to positive changes in the built environment. 

Healthy Places: How Does Public Policy Make Them Happen?

Adapting the built environment through creating connected streets, green spaces, density, walking infrastructure and attractive destinations can improve health. Healthy places are age-friendly, climate-friendly and economically productive - and they look and feel great!

Sustainable Calgary has been involved in the "co-design" of healthy places with communities in Alberta for 6 years through the Active Neighbourhoods Canada program. In the past two years, they dived into policy at the municipal, provincial and federal levels with partners in Toronto and Montreal.

This webinar will briefly describe the co-design approach and the relationship between the built environment and health (and co-benefits). It will focus on three examples of great policy in Canada, and three changes to the built environment that occurred as a result. The presenter will wrap up with preliminary policy recommendations for Alberta, which can be found in the publication "Healthy Places: Designing for Health in Alberta." What would you add to these policies? Who should the project leads talk to? Your recommendations will be included in an engagement process led by Sustainable Calgary to create tangible change in provincial policy.

Discussion Questions

  1. How can we transfer what we know about health and the built environment to other professions and to decision-makers?
  2. What recommendations would you make for provincial policy change to support the development of healthy communities in Alberta? (this will feed into our upcoming event, 2019 Healthy Places)
  3. Do you think interdisciplinary / interdepartmental collaboration is necessary for effective knowledge transfer? Is it under-resourced? How can this be addressed?

Webinar Recording