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We offer a directory of upcoming conferences, courses and other continuing education opportunities related to environmental health practice and policy. We also welcome input regarding any upcoming events of relevance to the environmental health community not listed here.

Events are described in their applicable language(s).

  • Feb 21 2019

    Healthy Built Environment Forum Webinar - Place Standard – how good is our place?

    at 09:00 Topics: Built Environment Location Type: Online

    We know that every development creates a place but what is seldom asked is whether or not that development has a positive, neutral or negative impact on the social, physical and cultural well-being of that community.  The presentation will briefly summarise the relationship between place development, empowerment, well-being and inequalities before introducing the Place Standard Tool. This tool is...

  • Feb 28 2019

    Public Health and Environmental Assessments Webinar #3

    at 12:00 EST Topics: Built Environment, Health Impact Assessment Location Type: Online

    Registration is live for the 3rd webinar hosted by the OPHA Built Environment workgroup on Public Health and Environmental Assessments. Join us on Thursday, February 28, 12 – 1 pm for an informative session! In this session we’ll explore the Region of Peel – Public Health approach for...