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We offer a directory of upcoming conferences, courses and other continuing education opportunities related to environmental health practice and policy. We also welcome input regarding any upcoming events of relevance to the environmental health community not listed here.

Events are described in their applicable language(s).

  • Sep 24 2019

    Live Broadcasts from the US EPA’s Annual Small Systems Drinking Water Workshop

    at 11:30 EST Topics: Drinking Water Location Type: Online

    This forum allows EPA to communicate directly with state personnel and others to provide training and foster collaboration and dissemination of information. This, in turn, provides state agencies with the information and resources needed to communicate the latest scientific advancements and current guidance to their small systems. The webinars also provide EPA with invaluable information from...

  • Sep 25 2019

    Declaring a Climate Change Emergency: Process, Considerations & Legalities

    at 12:00 EST Topics: Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Response Location Type: Online

    Floods, fires, and severe climate are becoming increasingly more common.  As the owners and operators of local infrastructure, municipalities have much to lose from the damaging effects - not only financially, but there are significant health and environmental costs as well. Furthermore, the impact of climate change is most immediate and dramatic in Northern communities, where global warming is...

  • Sep 25 2019

    Decolonizing the City: The Future of Indigenous Planning in Vancouver

    at 18:30 PST Topics: Built Environment, Indigenous Environmental Health Location Type: In Person Location: Vancouver, BC

    While Vancouver has made many great strides on Indigenous planning practices and reconciliation, there are too many impasses that uphold the colonial status quo. This panel will examine the present practices and point a way forward for urban planners and cities to take greater leadership from local Indigenous communities in planning, decision-making and in achieving lasting outcomes in their...

  • Sep 26 2019

    Lessons in Public Health Planning for Wildfire Smoke

    at 12:30 Topics: Forest Fires, Outdoor Air Location Type: Online

    Population level wildfire smoke exposure is complex, and so reducing the adverse physical and mental health effects related to smoke exposure requires insight into social, economic, political and health-related factors within communities. This report outlines the findings from a series of 22 interviews with public health practitioners and collaborators from Canadian and American jurisdictions...

  • Sep 30 2019

    Taking Care of Self, Taking Care of Others (CIPHI Alberta)

    at 09:00 MST Location Type: In Person Location: Calgary, AB

    “Taking Care of Self, Taking Care of Others” is the theme for the CIPHI 2019 workshop.  Educational sessions will include both personal wellness and resiliency topics as well as Environmental Public Health technical sessions.  

  • Oct 01 2019

    Building Sustainable Communities: 2019 Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation Conference

    at 09:00 EST Topics: Built Environment Location Type: In Person Location: Guelph, ON

    The 2019 Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation (CRRF) Conference is all about bringing together practitioners, policy makers, community leaders, and researchers interested in rural issues.  This conference is a unique opportunity to share your own successes, learn from a diverse group of individuals, and hear the latest on issues that matter to communities and people who call rural Canada...