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Paradox of wealth and health: Resource development and social determinants of health

Topics: Equity Location: General, Canada

The understanding and management of health impacts associated with natural resource development activities like pipelines, mines and processing facilities, has traditionally focused on the impacts from biophysical exposures (e.g. changes to air quality, water quality, etc.). However, extensive research conducted over the past three decades leaves little doubt that social factors are powerful determinants of health and much evidence is emerging that the social, cultural and economic impacts of resource extraction and development are highly complex and intersect to shape health outcomes of individuals and communities in diverse ways. By sharing the experiences and evidence gathered by Northern Health’s Office of Health and Resource Development in collaboration with other partners, this webinar will explore the current knowledge and understanding of how resource development and extraction activities can influence the social determinants of health and associated health outcomes.  It will also summarize promising and wise practices and principles for assessing and monitoring these impacts and discuss existing knowledge and resource gaps that can inform future work in this area. 


Event DateApr 18, 2019
12:00 to 13:00
Posted by NCCEHMar 13, 2019
Location TypeOnline
Location: Canada