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Microbiology - Antimicrobial Use, Resistance and Stewardship in Animals

Topics: Agriculture, Infectious Diseases Location: General, Canada

Antimicrobials are widely used in animals, which has led to concern about antimicrobial use and resistance in veterinary medicine and agriculture. Antimicrobials are required in many situations for animal health and welfare, but any use of antimicrobials can create a degree of risk for the emergence of resistance in animal and human pathogens. This presentation provides a general overview of how antimicrobials are used across the wide spectrum of veterinary medicine and agriculture; discusses relevant resistance issues; assesses the role of antimicrobial use in animals on resistance in human pathogens; and discusses various limitations in data and action.


Event DateApr 24, 2019
12:00 to 13:00
Posted by NCCEHApr 16, 2019
Location TypeOnline, In Person
Boardroom 17-53, 661 University Ave, 17th Floor