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Human Environments Analysis Laboratory (HEAL) - Children's Health and the Environment Workshop & Symposium: Moving Research to Action for Healthy Kids

Topics: Built Environment, Children's Environmental Health Location: ON, Canada

The purpose of the workshop is to provide an effective forum for knowledge exchange and relationship building among leading researchers, policymakers, and practitioners concerned with children's health and the built environment. This intimate workshop and symposium will feature presentations on the latest in research evidence around healthy children's environments, as well as successful initiatives and interventions taking place around the world. Collectively we will discuss strategies for utilizing evidence from research and interventions to drive environmental and policy change, and to outline an action plan for next steps.

Each day of this 3-day workshop will focus on a key issue related to children's healthy environments. Day 1 will explore practices and policies that improve children 's access to healthy food environments, including at school and in their communities. Day 2 will focus on efforts to create home, school and community environments for healthy physical activity, including active travel and active play. Day 3 will emphasize initiatives and practices creating healthy outdoor and natural environments, including strategies for improving children's access to nature and 'risky' outdoor environments.

Event Date
Jun 26, 2017 to Jun 28, 2017
Posted by NCCEHJun 14, 2017
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London, ON