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Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors (CIPHI) BC Branch - Fresh and Always in Season: The MarketSafe Food Safety Training Program

Topics: Food Location: General, Canada

The MarketSafe food safety training program is a food safety training program for farmers and producers who make, bake, or grow products to sell at local farmers’ markets. It was developed by BC FOODSAFE, in partnership with the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets. The association identified an urgent need for food safety education and training that was easy to understand and relevant to those making lower risk foods currently managed under the Temporary Food Markets Guideline. The course offerings have expanded since the inaugural in-person class in Spring of 2010. This presentation will cover what’s new in the training program and how it continues to serve as a valuable educational tool for producers of lower risk foods.


Sion Shyng, Food Safety Specialist, BC Centre for Disease Control
Keir Cordner, Environmental Health Officer, First Nations Health Authority

Event DateFeb 15, 2017
09:00 to 10:00
Posted by NCCEHFeb 02, 2017
Location TypeOnline
Location: Canada