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Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors (CIPHI) BC Branch - Emergency Management in BC: A Provincial Government Perspective on Multi-Stakeholder Engagement

Topics: Emergency Preparedness, Practices and Procedures, Risk Analysis Location: General, Canada

This presentation will provide an overview of the emergency management domain in British Columbia with a focus on the role of the provincial government agency Emergency Management BC (EMBC) as it relates to the many (non) government organizations. This will come together in a short review of existing legislation and higher level government plans that establish the roles of many agencies and how they can be complimentary. Emergencies relevant to EHOs will be highlighted (e.g., wildfire, spills). The presentation will challenge the attendees to consider their organization’s role in the grand provincial scheme of EM things in the context of some of the types events that can happen here in BC.


Steve Newton, Regional Manager, Central Region, Emergency Management BC (EMBC)

Event DateMay 18, 2017
09:00 to 10:00
Posted by NCCEHFeb 02, 2017
Location TypeOnline
Location: Canada