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American Public Health Association (APHA) - Innovative Curricula for Public Health Priority Populations

Topics: Climate, Practices and Procedures Location: General, Canada

Fourth in a four-part series from the County of San Luis Obispo Health Agency. How do climate change communications fit into existing public health programs? Local leaders share effective, low-cost approaches to making this connection.

Building Climate Change Capacity Among Community Health Workers: Nancy Villasenor, Health Educator, California Department of Public Health
OutsideIn SLO: We Take Health and Climate Change Personally: Kathleen Karle and Morgan Feld, County of San Luis Obispo
What’s Good for Health is Good for Climate: Judy Robinson, Sustainability Manager, Sacramento County
OutsideIn Kings: Challenges in Rural Communities: Darcy Pickens, Environmental Health Educator, Kings County
Closing Comments: Dr. Penny Borenstein, Health Officer, County of San Luis Obispo

Event DateAug 09, 2017
10:00 to 11:30
Posted by NCCEHJul 18, 2017
Location TypeOnline
Location: Canada