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The acts and regulations that regulate the delivery of environmental health services and programs at local and regional levels in Canada are continuously changing. To streamline the search process, we have compiled a list of federal and provincial/territorial legislation with relevance exclusive to the environmental health community.


Radiation Emitting Devices Act, RSC 1985, c R-1

Radiation Emitting Devices Regulations, CRC, c 1370

British Columbia

Regulated Activities Regulation, BC Reg 161/2011


X-Ray Safety Regulation, Man Reg 341/88 R

Tanning Regulation, Man Reg 58/2012

New Brunswick

Artificial Tanning Act, SNB 2013, c 21

Nova Scotia

Tanning Beds Act, SNS 2010, c 44

Tanning Facilities Regulations, NS Reg 195/2011


Healing Arts Radiation Protection Act, RSO 1990, c H.2

Skin Cancer Prevention Act (Tanning Beds), 2013, SO 2013, c 5

Prince Edward Island

Radiation Safety Regulations, PEI Reg EC547/84


An Act to prevent Skin Cancer Caused by Artificial Tanning, CQLR c C-5.2