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The acts and regulations that regulate the delivery of environmental health services and programs at local and regional levels in Canada are continuously changing. To streamline the search process, we have compiled a list of federal and provincial/territorial legislation with relevance exclusive to the environmental health community.


Canada Shipping Act, 2001, SC 2001, c 26


Dwellings and Buildings Regulation, Man Reg 322/88 R

Nova Scotia

Sanitary Regulations Governing Hotels, Tourist Camps and Overnight Cabins, NS Reg 22/50

Homes for Special Care Act, RSNS 1989, c 203

Homes for Special Care Regulations, NS Reg 127/77

Recreational Camps Regulations, NS Reg 254/2011

Northwest Territories

Safety Act, RSNWT 1988, c S-1


Camp Sanitation Regulations, RRNWT (Nu), 1990 c P-12


Homes for Special Care Act, RSO 1990, c H.12

General, RRO 1990, Reg 636

Child and Family Services Act, RSO 1990, c C.11

General, RRO 1990, Reg 70

Day Nurseries Act, RSO 1990, c D.2

General, RRO 1990, Reg 262

Prince Edward Island

General Regulations, PEI Reg EC279/03

Rental Accommodation Regulations, PEI Reg EC142/70

Summer Trailer Court, Tenting and Camp Areas Regulations, PEI Reg EC167/69


Yukon Territory

Camp Sanitation Regulations, YCO 1961/38