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The acts and regulations that regulate the delivery of environmental health services and programs at local and regional levels in Canada are continuously changing. To streamline the search process, we have compiled a list of federal and provincial/territorial legislation with relevance exclusive to the environmental health community.


Potable Water Regulations for Common Carriers, CRC, c 1105

Food Establishment Safety Regulations, NWT Reg 097-2009


Environmental Protection and Enhancement (Miscellaneous) Regulation, Alta Reg 118/1993, Part 3: Code of Practice for a Waterworks System Consisting Solely of a Water Distribution System

Environmental Protection and Enhancement (Miscellaneous) Regulation, Alta Reg 118/1993, Part 2: Code Of Practice For Waterworks Systems Using High Quality Groundwater

Swimming Pool, Wading Pool and Water Spray Park Regulation, Alta Reg 293/2006

Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, RSA 2000, c E-12

Activities Designation Regulation, Alta Reg 276/2003

Administrative Penalty Regulation, Alta Reg 23/2003

Approvals and Registrations Procedure Regulation, Alta Reg 113/1993

Potable Water Regulation, Alta Reg 277/2003

Water Act, RSA 2000, c W-3

Water (Ministerial) Regulation, Alta Reg 205/1998

Water (Offences and Penalties) Regulation, Alta Reg 193/1998

Environmental Protection and Enhancement (Miscellaneous) Regulation, Alta Reg 118/1993, Part 4: Environmental Code of Practice for Pesticides

Housing Regulation, Alta Reg 173/1999

Institutions Regulation, Alta Reg 143/1981

Recreation Area Regulation, Alta Reg 198/2004

Work Camps Regulation, Alta Reg 218/2002

British Columbia

Pool Regulation, BC Reg 296/2010

Drinking Water Protection Act, SBC 2001, c 9

Drinking Water Protection Regulation, BC Reg 200/2003

Water Act, RSBC 1996, c 483

Health Hazards Regulation, BC Reg 216/2011

Ground Water Protection Regulation, BC Reg 299/2004


Manitoba Water Quality Standards, Objectives and Guidelines Regulation, Man Reg 196/2011

Water Protection Act, CCSM c W65

Protection of Water Sources Regulation, Man Reg 326/88 R

Swimming Pools and Other Water Recreational Facilities Regulation, Man Reg 132/97

Water Supplies Regulation, Man Reg 330/88 R

The Drinking Water Safety Act, CCSM c D101

Drinking Water Quality Standards Regulation, Man Reg 41/2007

Drinking Water Safety Regulation, Man Reg 40/2007

Water and Wastewater Facility Operators Regulation, Man Reg 77/2003

The Ground Water and Water Well Act, CCSM c G110

Well Drilling Regulation, Man Reg 228/88 R

The Groundwater and Water Well and Related Amendments Act, SM 2012, c 27 [Not yet in force]

Recreational Camps Regulation, Man Reg 327/88 R

New Brunswick

Clean Water Act, SNB 1989, c C-6.1

Potable Water Regulation, NB Reg 93-203

Water Well Regulation, NB Reg 90-79

Water Quality Regulation, NB Reg 82-126

Newfoundland and Labrador

Public Pools Regulations, CNLR 1023/96

Water Resources Act, SNL 2002, c W-4.01

Well Drilling Regulations, 2003, NLR 63/03

Sanitation Regulations, CNLR 803/96

Nova Scotia

Water and Wastewater Facilities and Public Drinking Water Supplies Regulations, NS Reg 186/2005

Well Construction Regulations, NS Reg 382/2007

Industrial and Construction Camps Regulations, NS Reg 40/42

Northwest Territories

Water Supply System Regulations, NWT Reg 108-2009

Northwest Territories Waters Regulations, SOR/93-303

Public Pool Regulations, RRNWT 1990, c P-21

Public Sewerage Systems Regulations, RRNWT 1990, c P-22

Tourist Accommodation Health Regulations, RRNWT 1990, c P-24


Eating or Drinking Places Regulations, RRNWT (Nu) 1990 c P-14

Public Pool Regulations, RRNWT (Nu) 1990 c P-21

Public Water Supply Regulations, RRNWT (Nu) 1990 c P-23

Tourist Accommodation Health Regulations, RRNWT (Nu) 1990 c P-24

Northwest Territories Waters Regulations, SOR/93-303

Nunavut Waters and Nunavut Surface Rights Tribunal Act, SC 2002, c 10

Public Sewerage Systems Regulations, RRNWT (Nu) 1990 c P-22


Public Pools, RRO 1990, Reg 565

Public Spas, O Reg 428/05

Small Drinking Water Systems, O Reg 319/08

Transitional — Small Drinking Water Systems, O Reg 318/08

Clean Water Act, 2006, SO 2006, c 22

Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002, SO 2002, c 32

Compliance and Enforcement, O Reg 242/05

Drinking Water Systems, O Reg 170/03

Drinking Water Testing Services, O Reg 248/03

Ontario Drinking Water Quality Standards, O Reg 169/03

Schools, Private Schools and Day Nurseries, O Reg 243/07

Ontario Water Resources Act, RSO 1990, c O.40

Wells, RRO 1990, Reg 903

Recreational Camps, RRO 1990, Reg 568

Prince Edward Island

Swimming Pool and Waterslide Regulations, PEI Reg EC93/01

Environmental Protection Act, RSPEI 1988, c E-9

Drinking Water and Wastewater Facility Operating Regulations, PEI Reg EC710/04

Water Well Regulations, PEI Reg EC188/90

Rental Accommodation Regulations, PEI Reg EC142/70

Water and Sewerage Act, RSPEI 1988, c W-2


Regulation respecting water quality in swimming pools and other artificial pools, CQLR c Q-2, r 39

Groundwater Catchment Regulation, CQLR c Q-2, r 6

Regulation respecting the quality of drinking water, CQLR c Q-2, r 40

Regulation respecting waterworks and sewer services, CQLR c Q-2, r 21


Swimming Pool Regulations, 1999, RRS c P-37.1 Reg 7

Water Regulations, 2002, RRS c E-10.21 Reg 1

The Water Security Agency Act, SS 2005, c W-8.1

Ground Water Regulations, Sask Reg 172/66

The Water Power Act, RSS 1978, c W-6

Sanitation Regulations, Sask Reg 420/64

The Environmental Management and Protection Act, 2002, SS 2002, c E-10.21

Yukon Territory

Drinking Water Regulation, YOIC 2007/139

Public Pool Regulations, YOIC 1989/130

Waters Act, SY 2003, c 19

Water Regulation, YOIC 2003/58

Camp Sanitation Regulations, YCO 1961/38

Trailer Coach Park Regulations, YCO 1962/26