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The acts and regulations that regulate the delivery of environmental health services and programs at local and regional levels in Canada are continuously changing. To streamline the search process, we have compiled a list of federal and provincial/territorial legislation with relevance exclusive to the environmental health community.

Northwest Territories

Disease Surveillance Regulations, NWT Reg 096-2009

Water Supply System Regulations, NWT Reg 108-2009

Child Day Care Act, RSNWT 1988, c C-5

Legislation Type: Act Topics: Air, Indoor Air Location: NT, Canada

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Environmental Protection Act, RSNWT 1988, c E-7

Legislation Type: Act Topics: Air, Outdoor Air Location: NT, Canada

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Asphalt Paving Industry Emission Regulations, RRNWT 1990, c E-23

Used Oil and Waste Fuel Management Regulations, NWT Reg 064-2003

Northwest Territories Waters Regulations, SOR/93-303

Safety Act, RSNWT 1988, c S-1

Environmental Tobacco Smoke Work Site Regulations, NWT Reg 082-2003

Work Site Hazardous Materials Information System Regulations, RRNWT 1990, c S-2

Tobacco Control Act, SNWT 2006, c 9

Tobacco Control Regulations, NWT Reg 101-2006

Public Pool Regulations, RRNWT 1990, c P-21

General Sanitation Exemption Regulations, RRNWT 1990, c P-17

Public Sewerage Systems Regulations, RRNWT 1990, c P-22

Tourist Accommodation Health Regulations, RRNWT 1990, c P-24

Public Health Act, SNWT 2007, c 17

Northwest Territories Act, SC 2014, c 2, s 2

Legislation Type: Act Topics: Location: NT, Canada

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