Assessment Reports

We have conducted a third scan of environmental health priorities in Canada. This 2012-2013 study identified the needs and gaps related to delivery of environmental health services and programs in Canada. Results from this study form the basis for our ongoing and future work plan.

In brief, medical officers of health, environmental health directors, and others again identified the following key needs:

  • policy/program change;
  • people with advanced training in environmental health;
  • evaluation of effectiveness of services/programs;
  • scientific evidence base for environmental health services and programs; and
  • scientific evidence in a usable form.

The top five topics selected by participants for additional review, guidance, and summary documents include:

  • best practices for health impact assessment;
  • how to evaluate EH programs (including overall impact of program vs. different program, priority setting of various programs);
  • health impacts of shale gas (hydraulic fracturing) at the local level;
  • guide to risk communication with public and media, including where there is no standard or it is exceeded (focus on gaps in guidance); and
  • understanding and communicating the health relevance of exceeding environmental standards.

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Detailed results of this scan are available on request. To view the results of previous scans, click for the 2008-2009 report or the 2005-2006 report.

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