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Evaluating the Carbon Monoxide Monitoring and Response Framework in Long-term Care Facilities: A Brief Guide

Topics: Indoor Air, Practices and Procedures, Seniors' Environmental Health Location: General, Canada

This guide is intended for public health practitioners, facility/property maintenance managers, risk managers, occupational hygienists, clinicians, or other persons working at long-term care facilities (residential care facilities, nursing homes, seniors’ residences, care occupancies, etc.) when they:

  1. have implemented a carbon monoxide (CO) policy in long-term care facilities (LTCFs) consistent with the framework described in the Guide for Implementing the CO Monitoring and Response Framework in LTCFs,
  2. want to evaluate the CO policy and understand how evaluation, built-in from the start, can lead to important improvements and better protection of residents, and
  3. want to identify the facilitators and barriers to successful policy implementation and produce recommendations to guide future policy decisions.

Publication DateMar 21, 2017
AuthorKishchuk N, Fong D
PublisherNCCEH; BC Centre for Disease Control
Posted by NCCEHMay 03, 2017