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Food Environments: An Introduction for Public Health Practice

Topics: Food Location: General, Canada

This document was written for environmental public health practitioners (environmental health officers and public health inspectors), as well as other public health professionals whose work relates to healthy environments (e.g., medical health officers, public health dietitians, health promotion professionals). It introduces the concept of food environments, highlights some key evidence for the relationship between food environments and health, and identifies some ways environmental public health practitioners can influence food environments.

Use this primer to:

  • Learn what food environments are
  • Explore the evidence for food environments relate to public health
  • Get inspired to incorporate food environments into your practice
  • Guide collaborations to support healthier food environments

Publication DateDec 16, 2015
AuthorRideout R, Mah C.L., Minaker L.
Posted by NCCEHDec 16, 2015