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Health Impact Assessment in Environmental Health: Methods, Tools and Policy Change

Topics: Practices and Procedures, Surveillance, Risk Analysis Location: AB, Canada


Health impact assessment (HIA) is usually defined as a combination of procedures, methods and tools by which a policy, a program or a project can be judged or evaluated on the basis of its potential effects on the health of a population. This session will cover various aspects of HIA, including theoretical basis, HIA tools and use of HIA to influence policy.

At the end of this session, participants will: 1) understand the HIA approach as demonstrated in theory and a case study; 2) acquire knowledge and skills in applying HIA by working through real-world examples; 3) be able to assess the relevance of HIA in their own diverse contexts and practices; and 4) understand how information from HIA can be used to influence policy. The session will include formal talks, a case example using waste-to-energy, and group work using case examples from participants’ own situations.



* Exercise 1
* Exercise 2




HIA in Environmental Health: Approaches within and outside of HIA

Public Health Roles in Assessment of Health Impacts of Projects in Environmental Impact Assessment Process

A Public Health Unit’s involvement in the review of Environmental Impact Assessments and ongoing monitoring

Overview of HIA*

HIA within the EA process

Health Impact Assessment & Healthy Public Policy

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

HIA Resources

Event DateJun 09, 2012
Location TypeIn Person