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Evidence-Based Practice and Policy

The mandate of the NCCEH is to foster evidence-based environmental health practice and policy in Canada. To support the work of practitioners and policy-makers in the field, we produce reviews of evidence.

Initially, we develop a list of priority topics for which there are specific knowledge gaps. This is done through formal interview processes (scans) and feedback through various mechanisms such as our website, emails, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings. As more practitioners and policy-makers indicate a certain topic is priority for them, the topic becomes a higher priority for us.

Once topics are selected, we produce NCCEH Evidence Reviews. Reviews are either done in-house or contracted-out. The in-house reviews undergo peer and user review. Contracted reviews posted on our website are peer-reviewed.

In-house reviews are based on a variety of sources of information, including grey literature. We have developed evaluation criteria described in the Evidence Review Process section.