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March eNews Released

March eNews Released


With impending Canadian legislation aimed at the legalization of cannabis (July 2018), the March 2018 edition of the NCCEH eNews is focused on all things cannabis. As you will see in the newsletter, legalization in various American states has provided some guidance for Canada but it is still very clear that the public health community in Canada will be venturing into uncharted territory and will need some guidance with respect to the cultivation, storage and distribution of cannabis products. We hope our eNews provides a good starting place.

In particular, we are pleased to highlight:

  • Growing at Home: Health and Safety Concerns for Personal Cannabis Cultivation. This review serves as a launching point for considering the environmental health risks associated with legally growing cannabis at home and the preventive actions that can be taken to mitigate those risks.
  • We have updated the resources found on our cannabis topic page. The NCCEH topic pages are aimed at providing a good starting place for environmental health practitioners to learn about a particular topic.
  • The NCCEH is running a cannabis-themed eJournal Club session scheduled for March 29. If the presentation date has passed by the time you read this, check out the eJournal Club page for information about the paper as well as any other materials that might be available.


Of course, the March edition of our eNews also has all the usual upcoming EH related events across Canada, innovative online resources and topic oriented lists of recent EH publications so don’t forget to subscribe  You can expect more updates just like these delivered straight to your inbox every month.