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About Us and NCCPH

The NCCEH is one of six centres created to foster linkages within the public health community. This centre focuses on the health risks associated with the physical environment and identifies evidence-based interventions to mitigate those risks. All centres are funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada through the National Collaborating Centres for Public Health program. The NCCEH is located at the BC Centre for Disease Control in Vancouver. 

The other national collaborating centres include:

Our function is to:

  • synthesize, translate, and exchange knowledge for environmental health practitioners and policy-makers;
  • identify gaps in research and practice knowledge; and
  • build capacity through networks of practitioners, policy-makers, and researchers.

We regularly conduct environmental scans and evaluations to inform our work plan.  In addition, we have an Advisory Board comprised of senior environmental health professionals. This website showcases our work and provides a vehicle for practitioners, policy-makers, and researchers to network and share information.

What We're Doing

  • Ongoing identification of needs and gaps in environmental health.
  • Producing evidence-based reviews and guidance documents on these topical issues.
  • Conducting major projects such as drinking water, food safety, and built environment.
  • Identifying national and global partners and building capacity via secondmentsworkshopspracticums, and other sharing opportunities.
  • Connecting practitioners, policy-makers, and researchers committed to building and using an evidence-based approach to policy and practice.